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Placentia & Los Angeles, CA (WiredPRNews.com) If predictions of increased customer spending at restaurants in the next three months prove to be true, many restaurants will need to consider whether they are having the commercial hoods in their restaurants cleaned often enough, says one Los Angeles hood cleaning expert.

Restaurant News reported in February that an RBC Capital Markets consumer survey revealed that more survey participants said they intended to spend more money at restaurants in the next 90 days.

In January, 13 percent of those surveyed indicated they planned to spend more, while 14 percent said that in February, the Restaurant News article stated. This current figure is 7 percent higher than survey respondents indicated last year at this time.

“An increase in cooking volume in a commercial kitchen could mean more frequent hood cleanings are necessary to prevent grease buildup,” says Massoud Farazandeh, CEO of American Professional Services (APS-Hoods), a Los Angeles hood installation company.

Because of increased food costs, fast food restaurants such as Sonic and McDonald’s likely will see the greatest sales increases because of pricing power and other factors, said RBC analyst Larry Miller in the article.

“These types of restaurants tend to use large volumes of oils in their cooking process because they offer fried foods such as French fries, chicken nuggets and apple pies,” said Farazandeh, a Los Angeles hood sale expert.

As a rule of thumb, restaurants with smokehouses or wood fires should clean their systems monthly. Dining establishments that use charbroilers, deep fat fryers or high volumes of vegetable oils should have these systems cleaned at least every three months, said the commercial vent hood professional.

When vegetable oil grease is left to build up, it becomes “glue-like” and removing it is a difficult task.

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