About Us

5 Star Steam is a family owned business serving the industry since 1990. For over 20 years we have provided our clients with a clean and safe environment for their employees and their customers.
We are extremely proud that none of our clients have ever received a fine in their establishments. Our teams are professionally trained and always carry a safety first attitude while on the job. This insures safe and thorough operations from 5 Star.

We owe our success to the excellent service our techs have provided throughout the years. It has been through word of mouth and thanks to all the great referrals we have received from our grateful clients that we have become so successful.

Why Choose 5 Star Steam?

Ironically 5 Star operates by its name. We always give a 5 Star service. It’s common sense for us…

5 Star Steam Cleaning Services trustworthy, highly trained professional techs will always provide you with great, reliable service. You will never have to worry about us subbing out your work. Our customers are greatly important to us and we want you to feel special every single time we provide you with our service. We understand that our customers do not like change and need to feel at ease with their service techs.
We make it a priority to assign a specific crew of highly trained technicians to every restaurant. Therefore, you will know you are getting that same great service every time. We have taken into consideration that the managers do not have the time to climb up onto the roof to inspect the work that has been completed and because we are so confident that our techs do such a great job we have set up a photo verification system which lets you view the work with only a click of a button and your own personalized pin number. So when you think, Why should we choose 5 Star Steam Cleaning Services? Just remember it’s because we will always provide you with a five star service.

5 Star Service = Lifetime Customer


Environmentally Friendly

California has a zero tolerance when it comes to water pollution. Therefore there is a zero tolerance when it comes to wash water entering the drain system that leads into the ocean contaminating the environment. This is punishable by a severe fine. That is why Five star steam acts in accordance with the strictest guidelines to protect our customers as well as ourselves.

Protect yourself and your business by using 5starsteam.
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