Hood Cleaning

Five Star Steam Cleaning Services provides a five star hood cleaning service every time. Unlike many of our competitors we use long term employees who we can trust to do an exceptional hood cleaning job every time. Because of their loyalty to our company they have acquired an expertise in the hood cleaning industry. They are more efficient, quicker, cleaner and more dependable than what a sub contractor would undoubtedly be. We provide you with the best and most resourceful hood cleaning services. Because we know that times are unpredictable we try to ease the burden on our clients by providing options to make it more cost efficient helping you keep your investments risk free. Since we are positive that you will love our service we don’t need to lock you in with long term contracts. We are so positive that you will be satisfied with our hood cleaning services we know you will become a long term client and eventually refer us to new potential clients.

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Hood Steam Cleaning Vs Hood Scraping

Five Star Steam hood Cleaning services priority is making sure that your hoods are left to a 100% satisfaction and the only way to accomplish this is by using a hot pressure washing machine. This reassures a perfect hood cleaning job every time. Many clients try to offset the steam cleaning for scraping to keep the cost down and save more money. We are aware that scraping the hood is faster and cheaper than steam cleaning but Five Star Steam is not willing to sacrifice quality work to make an easy dollar. Instead we provide you with a more economical plan to make sure you get the appropriate service without sacrificing a proper and professional hood cleaning job. We offer different plans for you to choose from, meeting your specific needs and your budget. This helps our clients have peace of mind knowing that their facility and kitchen hood equipment is hazard free and well maintained.

Steam Cleaning Services

Our services consist of steam pressure washing with some of the latest state of the art equipment making our job more eco-friendly. Providing a superb quality hood cleaning service with quality steam cleaning equipment to assure an outstanding job yet being mindful of our surroundings. The chemicals we use are food grade keeping the safety of your customers always in mind. Our motto is “You tried the rest now try the best,” therefore we must provide an exceptional hood cleaning service every time. In order to do this our techs are trained to prep all areas that will be affected by the steam cleaning so that by the end of the job you won’t even know we were there. This assures a great clean service and saves us the time and money it would take to send someone out there to remedy the problem. Be assured that if for any reason we need to send someone back, you can count on us to do so.

Hood Cleaning Benefits

Five Star Steam hood Cleaning services will make sure that you are in compliance with the latest NFPA standards. After every hood cleaning service we will provide you with proper documentation needed to present to the health inspector. Making sure you are ready to pass inspection. Our goal is to be an asset to you and your investments. We want to assure that you will pass inspection every time. Our mission is to protect you, your assets, your customers safety and give you peace of mind. So rest assure that you and your assets are protected. Five Star Steam Cleaning Services and our workers are fully Insured.

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